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An expert construction consultant can support an attorney’s work in many ways.

  • He can determine if your client’s building is up to code and give you the information you may need to decide how to proceed with a case.
  • He can look at water damage and determine whether or not an owner or a contractor is responsible.
  • He can identify if a leak is the responsibility of a condominium association or condominium owner.
  • He can look into the history of a property and see if permits were properly filed.
  • He can tell you if maintenance was completed up to industry standard.

Martin can testify to his findings as an expert witness.

  • He is very comfortable taking questions from judges and opposing counsel.
  • For example, once he’s read through the relevant sections of condominium association’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, he can take questions about whether or not a particular defect is the responsibility of a condominium association or condominium owner.
  • He can also analyze costs and, due to a lifelong love of numbers, comfortably explain that analysis in court.

His 46 years of experience as a licensed general contractor has prepared him for unexpected questions and cross examination. One judge asked him how he knew a crack went all the way thorough a concrete slab no one could see it. He was able to answer the judge’s question by explaining the expansion and contraction of concrete and how it applied to that particular section. He then went on to explain to the judge how the crack could be repaired.

Over the years, Martin has built, installed, repaired, taken apart, demolished, inspected, and budgeted every possible element of residential and light commercial construction. In most construction matters he can identify what your client needs and efficiently diagnose and analyze the situation. Then, if necessary, he can confidently communicate that analysis. Whether as a consultant, an expert witness, or both, Martin can help make the difference when it comes to helping you get a successful outcome for your clients.

Construction Defects

One of the major questions facing attorneys and their clients is the presence of construction defects. Water intrusion is a major construction defect that is addressed legally.

This building is called Villa Regina in downtown Miami on the Bay. Martin worked on 35 condominiums in this building. They were complete renovations.

He was called on to consult with management on condo association responsibilities. The question was how to repair water damage from the pool leak water intrusion into the underground parking garages. He also advised them how to prevent such damage in the future.

Colorful condominium complex
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