Properties and buildings face structural and design issues even after the construction is almost complete. Take the case of a property manager responsible for a dozen duplexes.

Apparently there were  code violations that occurred during construction. Now the buildings were suffering from dry rot, cracked and broken stucco, electrical defects, improper handrails, and more.

To make matters worse, the local building department had placed penalties and liens against the properties because these code violations had not been corrected in over 18 months. At this point, the fines were astronomical and the owners and property managers were desperate for a feasible solution. And, if the repairs were not made soon, the liens would eventually lead to the  foreclosure of the units.

Fortunately, the property manager contacted a construction consultant and the consultant was able to work with them to get the project back on track.

construction consultant showing 2 others a building plan and design

What Does a Construction Consultant Do?

A good place to start when explaining what a construction consultant does is to consider the clientele of a typical consultant.

  • They can include architects looking for design help or guidance on building code issues.
  • Contractors often call on the services of a consultant for help in effectively managing large and complex projects.
  • Homeowners use construction consultants when they become the owner/builder for their home.
  • Attorneys may rely on a consultant to determine if your client’s building is up to code or whether an owner or a contractor is responsible for damage.

In addition, a construction consultant can be an owner’s representative, overseeing a residential or commercial construction project or a remodeling project.

What Do Construction Consultants Do for Their Clients?

Like any other professional field, individual consultants may specialize in certain areas such as commercial construction, working strictly with attorneys or architects, or focusing solely on LEED and green, or sustainable, design and construction.

Others maintain a broader scope of services that may include all these as well as functioning as an owner’s representative and an occasional stint as an expert witness for legal cases.

Strictly speaking, a construction consultant is a professional hired by the client to perform expert tasks on a project. These tasks may include work in areas including structural design, cost analysis, construction management, project management, contracts negotiation, and even surveying, among other things.

A construction consultant can provide many of the following services for a client:

  • Provide guidance and advice on setting up a project.
  • Choose the best and economical materials and construction method to perform the project.
  • Define the scope project and provide any needed clarification.
  • Some consultants may be hired to develop a project design as well as coordinate the work.

In addition, many construction consultants will delve into the more minute aspects of a project by collecting and preparing product information and the documents for tender, carrying out the contract administration, and even inspecting and correcting the work of contractors.

Construction consultants are often brought on to perform extensive analysis of a structure under consideration, as well as analyzing the environmental factors. The consultant’s purpose is to help ensure the structure that is finally constructed is one that is durable, sustainable, functional, and safe.

Construction Consultants Can Be the ‘Eyes and Ears’ of Architects and Contractors

Oftentimes, architects, contractors, and builders lack the resources or personnel to effectively manage and implement every task that is needed over the course of a project. And this is where a construction consultant can be an essential and integral asset.

A great example of this is a recent news story about the renovation of a downtown landscape, or “streetscape,” in a New York village.

The architect retained by the village to oversee the downtown streetscape project said that the construction consultancy she hired would serve as her landscape architecture company’s “in-field daily operator, so they will be the onsite monitoring for the project.”

When asked about the need for a consultancy, she was quoted as saying,

“They become your eyes and ears and your advocate on the project site every single day. They make sure the traffic control system is being followed. They make sure materials are being delivered on time … (and) are the correct materials, of the right quantity, on the right day.” 

The story went on to report that the consultant would coordinate shutdowns of utilities for project work, and report anything out of compliance both to village officials and to the architect.

Sometimes, construction consultants can also be instrumental in preventing loss due to poor design or materials used. Unfortunately, when their finding and advice is ignored or rejected, the results can be tragic. 

Another recent news story about the catastrophic collapse of the condominium building in Surfside, Florida, on June 24, 2021, noted the observations of a consultant years prior to the tragedy. 

According to The New York Times

“Three years before the collapse, a consultant found evidence of ‘major structural damage’ to the concrete slab below the pool deck and ‘abundant’ cracking and crumbling of the columns, beams and walls of the parking garage.

Engineers who have visited the wreckage or viewed photos of it say that damaged columns at the building’s base may have less steel reinforcement than was originally planned.”

Ultimately, the value of a construction consultant rests on the consultant’s depth and breadth of experience, and the diligence with which the client follows the advice and guidance provided.

An Experienced Construction Consultant Can Save You Time, Money, and Stress

Whether you’re an architect who needs design help or clarity on codes, a contractor who needs to build a sustainable structure, or a homeowner who wants to build a home or an addition, or simply remodel an area of their home, an experienced construction consultant can help.

In addition, if you’re a contractor or homeowner getting started on a construction project, having a construction consultant by your side can also be hugely beneficial. An expert that is knowledgeable in all the crucial aspects of construction, including remodeling, can come in handy if you don’t have much experience in construction.

And a construction consultant can help in all aspects of a project.

This can be especially beneficial if you’re not already an expert in the type of project that you’re engaging in. In addition, an experienced construction consultant can guide you in all the phases of your project and answer your questions.

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