The landscape of green construction is changing. The market is flooded with products that help to seal, conserve, prevent, and most of all, work well with our environment. Although many of the products out in 2020 perform well, there is one in particular that we at Crystal Construction Consulting prefer. It has excellent performance but is also green, tested, and approved: MULTICERAMICS ™ by GREENWORLD STRUCTURES, LLC. It is a liquid protective coating for building that insulates from one extreme (cold) to another (hot) while also resisting mildew, passing the salt spray test, lacking VOCs, and it lasts for 10 to 20 years.


Our construction consulting expert Martin is a certified distributor and installer. He has used and seen the wonderful effects of the coating and has even used it on his own home. It is applied with a roller, brush, or spray gun to protect walls, roofs, ducts, and other surfaces from extreme hot and cold variances. Not only is it a great insulator, but it has high fire resistance, high sound blockage, and is waterproof.



Ok, that sounds great, but… what is a liquid protective coating?


Liquid coatings are designed to coat surfaces to insulate and work to conserve energy, a key factor in avoiding high utility bills. In particular, MULTICERAMICS coatings are unique liquid insulations designed to protect and insulate against energy loss from hot and cold temperature variances and can be applied to virtually any surface type.


But Are MULTICERAMICS really green?


Yes, they are. MULTICERAMICS are green and good for the environment for two major reasons.


  1. They greatly improve energy efficiency and efficacy in homes and buildings.
  2. They are in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) standards and guidelines. MULTICERAMICS products are formulated based on water-based, polymer technology, and the products contain none of the following:


  • No Solvents
  • Extremely Low to No V.O.C.s
  • No Known Carcinogens
  • No Lead
  • No Mercury
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Neurotoxins
  • No Other Know H

Large drum of Multiceramics and tools used to apply it.

Ok. Now I know what they are, how do MULTICERAMICS actually work?


MULTICERAMICS, or MC for short, went through years of lab and field tests to become effective and efficient and ready for you, the public. Basically, MULTICERAMICS are designed and tested be highly resistant to harmful elements.


What makes MC so durable and flexible is the unique composite blend of nano-acrylics and polymers. This technology also allows the whole line fo products to have reflective and non-conductive attributes key to preventing the transfer of heat of cold energy (ie, the part that saves you money!) 


Another neat attribute of MC is what we call the “micro-packing effect.” Basically, the unique size, types, and shape of the ceramics allows them to settle very tightly together. This prevents air from interacting between the ceramics. It also blocks 95% of the sun’s radiant heat, visual light, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays all while also stopping water penetration and preventing corrosion and surface deterioration. You could say that it’s permanently flexible, “breathing” membrane protecting your project for years to come.


What are the perks of using MULTICERAMICS?


Zero flame spread: Martin has tested and used MC himself as well as given lectures and presentations on how it works. One experiment he performed involved applying MC to a piece of wood. He let it dry, and then took a butane torch and touched the flame to the surface. It did not burn at all.


Extend roof life: It can also allow you to extend the life of your roof approximately 10 to 15 years. When you apply MC to the roof, it will provide waterproofing and add insulation to your home. Without MC, Martin had a client whose home was painted 6 years ago and 25% Martin and others using the product have received many compliments from clients. For instance, Florida customers were delighted that their interior spaces were much cooler after the coating was applied on the roof. They enjoyed it during the hot Florida summers.

Martin using a tool for measuring the thickness of Multiceramic on fiberglass.

What kinds of MULTICERAMICS are there?


MULTICERAMICS-H: is an interior/exterior 100% acrylic waterproof masonry coating modified with MULTICERAMICS technology and organic insulating compounds. It is made to protect residential and commercial buildings against the most extreme weather conditions. This high-performance coating creates a smooth film that seals and insulates all surfaces against thermal transfer and fire resistance. Applied as per specifications, it can reduce unnecessary re-coating and repairs. The coating can be tinted to light colors, or coated over with good quality water-based paint to any color on interior applications.


MULTICERAMICS-UXtra: is a thick, high performing, urethane ceramic rubberized elastomeric roof, wall, pipe, and boiler sealer with added ceramic compounds to enhance insulation and fire resistance. It will provide a 100% waterproof and weatherproof seal that adheres tightly to any surface without the aid of a primer. The ceramic composition will significantly lower the interior temperature by reflecting 82% of all the sun rays and by eliminating 95% of the heat received.


I want to note that I am a very skeptical consumer and at first I wasn’t sure that such a product could work.  But after years of experience with the coating, I feel comfortable recommending it to others.


If you have any questions about Multiceramics, please feel free to contact us.


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