“Delivering a project isn’t difficult. What’s difficult is delivering a project without first taking the time to plan properly”  –  James Leal

Those relatively new to construction, or who are not always involved in the field, such as homeowners, attorneys, or even architects on occasion, may find the idea of construction consulting a bit unusual.

But for those who have many years of construction and building behind them, the assurance that they can periodically lean on the insights, input, experience, and knowledge of a reputable construction consultant is golden.

Construction consulting is not a new field by any means, but it is one that may be a bit overlooked or underused, depending on the particular type of construction involved.

Take homeowners who have taken on the challenge of building their own homes, for example. Or architects engaging in a design undertaking that they’re unfamiliar with. These and many others may not even be aware that the assistance of a construction consultant can ease their path.

And, while these may understand the necessity of comprehensive and detailed planning, the approach to developing that plan may be elusive or unclear. 

Which is why construction consultants do what they do.

New Building and New Methods Mean New Construction Challenges

“The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones.”  –  John Maynard Keynes

Another somewhat unique facet of some types of construction consulting is the realm of green or sustainable building. 

Whether this involves LEED certified construction or simply an individual builder’s desire to create a truly sustainable structure, the advice and guidance of an experienced consultant can be invaluable. 

For some investors and builders, a sustainable, green approach to a new project may be more of simply a prudent approach given the shift in the current building environment. For many others, however, green building is something more akin to a moral imperative.

Regardless of the motivation or incentive, for a vast number of homebuilders, contractors, and architects, sustainable building practices are still a bit of an uncertain arena. Having a reliable construction consultant to plot their path and steer them in the proper direction can be both instrumental and invaluable. 

When a Reputation or a Livelihood is on the Line 

“The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.“  –  Meister Eckhart

Along with contractors, architects, and DIY homebuilders, there is another group that can benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of a solid and reputable construction consultant. 

These are the attorneys working cases of building owners involved in litigation resulting from structural issues with their properties, as well as owners who are about to engage in a construction project.

The former parties rely on a consultant’s expertise for a myriad of legal assistance such as:

  • Determining if their building is up to code and providing them with the information they need to know how to proceed with a case
  • Assess building damage to determine whether an owner or a contractor is responsible
  • Review the history of a property to learn if permits were properly filed
  • Confirm that maintenance was completed up to industry standard

The latter group can call on a construction consultant to help with:

  • Overseeing an owner’s construction project
  • Identifying potential problems coming before they arise
  • Help ensure that a project is set up successfully from the start
  • Deal with contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and building departments
  • Review contracts, help with hiring those who work on the project, and monitor the job
  • Answer your questions about the construction process.

Ultimately, regardless of the client, a construction consultant’s primary role is to help people who need information and guidance. Those who have been in the construction industry for any length of time understand that building and legal problems are frequent in that field. 

Quality construction consultation is focused on providing the assistance needed by clients to reduce their stress and increase the prospect of planned outcomes and a positive experience.

When You Need the Guidance and Advice of an Experienced Construction Consultant

“A good plan can help with risk analyses but it will never guarantee the smooth running of the project.”  –  Bentley and Borman

Whether you’re an architect who needs design help or clarity on codes, a contractor who needs to build a sustainable structure, or a homeowner who wants to build a home or an addition, or simply remodel an area of their home, an experienced construction consultant can help.

In addition, if you’re a contractor or homeowner getting started on a construction project, having a construction consultant by your side can also be hugely beneficial. An expert that is knowledgeable in all the crucial aspects of construction, including remodeling, can come in handy, especially if you don’t have much experience in construction.

And a construction consultant can help in all aspects of a project.

This can be especially beneficial if you’re not already an expert in the type of project that you’re engaging in. In addition, an experienced construction consultant can guide you in all the phases of your project and answer your questions.

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