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Construction Consulting for the Owner-Builder

One of the best parts of my job is the consulting work. Clients hire me to advise them in different ways. I may be called in to assist owner-builders with their permit process or to act as liaison between clients, contractors and the zoning board. After a hurricane I often help clients to pinpoint the full extent of their damages and deal with their insurance companies to help them receive the correct benefits. Consulting is a positive experience because I am acting as an advocate in different venues.

–Martin Espinosa—

Costs: JSL Consulting has several fee plans according to the type of service and amount of work required. Please contact us for fee information regarding your particular project. References are available upon request.

Who Can Use a Construction Consultant?

JSL offers consulting services to:

  • Clients who want opinions,
  • Owner-builders who need guidance,
  • Contractors needing advice about various aspects of their work,
  • Architects wanting construction information to help them plan
  • Attorneys who seek expert information or witnesses.
  • Anyone who needs information or assistance in the construction field may find a consultant helpful.

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What Services Does JSL Consulting Offer?

  • Guidance during initial construction planning stages
  • Researching zoning, variance and permit requirements
  • Coordinating with architect, owner and builder
  • Estimating and setting up a construction budget
  • Making sure that architect’s plans are ready for submission to building department and are within the client’s budget
  • Consultation at the beginning of the building process
  • Help with the process of obtaining building permits
  • Negotiating with banks, suppliers, subcontractors and insurance companies
  • Offering creative building solutions
  • During the construction process
  • Overseeing the entire job. For more information, see here
  • Coordination between client, architects and contractors
  • Setting up time schedules
  • Answering questions at each stage of construction
  • Inspecting in-progress work
  • Approving payments to subcontractors and suppliers
  • Assisting with materials purchases
  • Help with passing final inspections and obtaining certificate of occupancy if necessary
  • Miscellaneous Consultation Options
  • Inspecting property for prospective buyers
  • Helping to negotiate and solve problems with existing contractors or subcontractors
  • Dealing with homeowner’s associations
  • Providing construction information to property owners, architects, engineers, other contractors and subcontractors
  • Serving as expert witness in construction cases
  • Working in or out of court to help attorneys help their clients to reduce property taxes

Please contact us to ask question and request services.

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What Our Cleints Say About Us

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