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“On November 11, 2018, the unthinkable happened. The CAMP FIRE that destroyed Paradise, California, also burnt down our home in Butte Creek Canyon. This left us with many more questions than answers and we were about to experience something we never dreamed would happen to us. The one thing we were certain of, was that we would rebuild our house.

It was a great comfort when Martin Espinosa took us under his wing and helped us navigate a very tricky process. He helped us with the interactions with our insurance company and helped us to understand that extremely complicated process. He also helped advise us on what to look for in the debris removal process and what kind of contractor would be best to accomplish this task. When our plans were drawn, he reviewed them and pointed out some things of which to be aware. For instance, how high should the windows be from the floor? What type of view did we want out of these windows, and so on? These were all things that had not occurred to us but thanks to Mr. Espinosa’s expertise we were able to have plans drafted that met and exceeded our wildest expectations. He saved us money in the rebuilding process, but more importantly, he gave us the confidence to navigate the daunting road ahead of us. If one is looking for a construction consultant, I highly recommend Mr. Espinosa. His level of construction knowledge and years of experience in the construction field are unparalleled.”

– Mark L


“I have had the pleasure of working with GC Martin Espinosa and his team in Miami Beach on 4 occasions: 2006 where he build our yoga studio. 2007 where he renovated our condo. 2010 where he gutted and rebuild our 1936 Miami Beach single family house. 2012 where he constructed a concrete&tile patio around our house. Martin was of immense help in the initial consulting, scoping out the work, defining what and what not should be done, getting the right information to the architect, updating the architect, advising on plans&permits with the city, meetings with the building department at the city, and many other areas where competence was needed. Martin is also an honest man, equipped with common sense and great skill in construction. I have always enjoyed conversation as well as working with Martin. I can attest to Martin’s quality workmanship as I live and work in the spaces he crafted for us – what Martin has build has hold up perfectly to this day. Also, Martin’s work passed Miami Beach’s strict building inspections on first every time.”

– Tim C

Miami Beach


“Martin, I have to say thanks! Looking for impact resistant windows in south Florida is like shopping for a new car: not fun. With your help I was able to say no thank you to ArmorVue, Lowes, ABC and Dads. I did say yes to the firm you recommended, Window Experts. Dan is a genuine human being who worked with me so I felt comfortable enough to part with some pretty big Bucks. We are getting new windows just in time for hurricane season. Hazzah! Thank you again, Martin”
– Jay C

“In your lifetime of business you are always looking for people to partner with that will elevate you and compliment your abilities. Martin Espinosa is such a person. I met Martin over 25 years ago. His vast knowledge of all phases of construction made him a valuable resource. I was amazed at his quick ability to calculate a job as we simply talked. Through time we became friends and worked on many projects together. He has always been someone that I trust and call and expect to get the best result. If you need information, Martin knows it or can point you in the direction to find it. Thanks, Martin, for all the good years of service.”

– Daniel G, Building Contractor

“Martin is an excellent contractor whom I have known since 2004. He has done million-dollar constructions for us in medical office space, custom home building, and remodeling. As a project manager he oversaw the construction of medical office space of 10,000 square feet to finish on time and within budget.”
– Victor B MD

 “Martin Espinosa is my most trusted home improvement advisor. He has solved so many problems for us in our Miami home, including bathroom, bedroom, doorways, roofing, ceiling, and AC ductwork. He’s extraordinarily experienced, innovative, honest, and personable! I recommend him for your consulting and constructions needs without hesitation!”
– Prof. Ross H

“I recently consulted with Martin on a residential project. He was receptive to my ideas and listened carefully to my concerns and objectives. Through his extensive knowledge of, and long years of experience in construction he was able to offer creative solutions to achieve my goals. He was patient and took the time to communicate clearly all my options. I appreciated Martin’s calm and professional approach to his work. This really helped me develop and refine my ideas, resulting in a successful outcome. It was, indeed, a pleasure. I would not hesitate to work with him again and wholeheartedly recommend his services..”
– Ingrid C

“I had the pleasure of consulting with Martin. This was by far one of the best experiences I have had. Martin was very knowledgeable about construction and his recommendations were on point and very detailed. He was available to answer my questions and concerns to my satisfaction. I would definitely consult with him again. Highly recommended!
– Maggie E

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