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Crystal Construction Consulting is a service company designed to help our clients in real and practical ways.

We perform top quality residential and commercial construction.

We also provide consultation for people and companies who need our 48years os experience for their residential or commercial construction projects.

As a Construction Consultant

Martin Espinosa consulting on a job site with a client. They are standing outside in deep discussion with two working behind them - Crystal Construction Consulting

As a Construction Contractor

Interior Construction of a kitchen

California GC License #1018081 | “46 Year Construction Expert”

Our Mission

My team and I see our company as a service company. Our goal is to help people who need information and guidance. It is well known that building and legal problems are frequent in the construction industry. Our consultation is geared toward providing the assistance needed to reduce stress and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes.


Our Services

We provide two distinct sets of services at Crystal Construction Consulting as our name suggests: Construction and Construction Consulting.
Although they may sound similar, they are unique services that suit clients in different ways.
Often times however, we combine both services within the same project if needed by the client.
There is a lot of education that happens within the construction process, and it is an integral part of how we help our clients – consulting even as we build.

Construction Consulting Services

For clients who are working on a project in any capacity from owners to attorneys to real estate brokers, we provide in-depth, knowledgeable, consulting to ensure the best possible results for your specific situation. We help people navigate through the complexities of construction. Our clients tell us about the gratitude and relief that they feel after receiving the guidance they need. They also like that we can usually save them a lot of money on their project, sometimes as much as 50%.

General Contractor Services

Martin, our licensed contractor of 48 years, and his crew are waiting to help you begin or complete your project with your best interests at heart. 

They listen closely to what you want and also make suggestions for improvements for you to consider. When building a project, Martin is also continually sharing his knowledge to help his clients through the process to achieve the highest quality results, and his experience allows him to be remarkably efficeint.

I’m Martin Espinosa, General Contractor in California and Construction Consultant serving clients across the country.

I started in this field when I was 13 and have kept going. Now, I have been licensed as a contractor for 48 years.

As a Contractor, I am dedicated to running high-quality projects.

As a Consultant, I like helping clients navigate the labyrinth of the incredibly complex field of construction.


“We hired Crystal Construction to oversee a multi-million dollar power development project in Oakland, California. Martin Espinosa managed every aspect of the project, coordinating with multiple contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and engineers, etc. He established really strong and positive relationships with all parties involved, and his extensive knowledge of construction over a ~50yr career was clearly apparent. Martin was extremely easy to work with, he is kind, loyal, and his personality is calming in what has been an extremely stressful project. I would definitely hire him again for any other project I work on.”
Ken Greer


Contact US

We would be glad to talk with you about your project and answer your questions. We will give you an overview of how we would approach part or all of the construction and what you can expect from our work.

Also, you can let us know whether you need some quick advice, or would like some guidance through your construction project. Request a callback with our expert via any of the three methods below.


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