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Working With Contractors


“Consultation with contractors is one of the most enjoyable parts of my work. In 46 years I’ve been through hundreds of situations that contractors face and have a lot of advice and problem-solving tips to give them. I like meeting with new contractors and helping them get a solid foundation in their business. I also am grateful for any ideas and experiences other contractors can share with me. One of the main things I can do is offer solutions for setting up and maintaining a successful construction company.”



Working With Contractors

Working With Owners

The owner’s representative is primarily responsible for advocating the client’s best interests. He oversees the owner’s construction project. This may include an entire project or any portion. Our participation can be at any point of the building process and we can spend as little or as much time that you want.

We work to see problems coming before they arise, saving you from delays and cost overruns. We help you make sure that the project is set up for success from the beginning. We handle the hard work of dealing with contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and building departments.

Modern office interior

Crystal Construction Consulting worked as an owner’s representative for this office interior project

modern style home interior

Crystal Construction Consulting was the owner’s representative for this home interior project

We review contracts, help you with hiring people to work on the project, make sure that everyone is properly licensed and insured, monitor the job, and answer your questions about the construction process. We can represent your construction interests here in Northern California or remotely anywhere in the United States.

The owner’s rep not only consults on entire projects. He is also available to consult on any portion of the work, large or small. Many clients also like to hire him on standby and work with him when necessary.

What can homeowners do?

They can become the owner/builder for their home. They must follow the laws and codes required for regular contractors and build their home, add on to the home, or remodel a small or large area.

Many people can do small jobs in their homes such as rebuilding or repairing kitchen cabinets, redoing wood floors, or anything that would not require a permit.

A construction consultant can help in all aspects of a project. If you are not experienced in what you are doing the consultant can guide you and answer your questions.

Please note: We are careful about giving advice or guidance in situations that might be dangerous. It is important to protect everyone, and the consultant is the individual who is responsible for licensing and insurance. We advise that professionals perform work such as electrical, roofing, using structural jacks, and scaffold work because they are dangerous and should not be done without extensive experience.

Working With Attorneys

An expert construction consultant can support an attorney’s work in many ways.

  • He can determine if your client’s building is up to code and give you the information you may need to decide how to proceed with a case.
  • He can look at water damage and determine whether or not an owner or a contractor is responsible.
  • He can identify if a leak is the responsibility of a condominium association or condominium owner.
  • He can look into the history of a property and see if permits were properly filed.
  • He can tell you if maintenance was completed up to industry standard.
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