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Martin Espinosa, Construction and Construction Consulting Expert with 45 Years Experience

 Martin Espinosa, Construction Consultant

Who can Use a Construction Consultant?


Crystal Construction Consulting offers services to:

  • Clients who want assistance
  • Owner-builders who need guidance
  • Contractors who need advice about various aspects of their work
  • Architects wanting construction information to help them plan
  • Attorneys who seek expert information or witnesses
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Anyone who needs information or assistance in the construction field

Who We Work With :

Attorneys: We offer the construction expertise you need to help you get your clients get the best possible results. We can diagnose code violations, perform cost analyses, figure out what was responsible for construction defects, determine whether plans were properly followed, and testify as an expert witness in court.

Contractors: We offer solutions for building and maintaining a successful construction company. We advise and give support about any problems in your projects.

Homeowner Associations: When we work with condominium associations, we consult with them about rules and help them work with their unit owners. We attend association meetings regarding work being done in the building.

Commercial Construction Consultation: We work with small business owners, storefront owners, franchise owners, restaurants, studios and more.

Do-It-Yourself Homeowners: We are available to guide you with your construction project, large or small.

Owner Builder: Owner acting as the contractor, taking on all of the responsibilities and liabilities a contractor does. We help the owner through the process.

Owners’ Representative: Representing the owner means we use our expertise to look out for your interests. We provide a bridge between the owner and contractors. During every step of the construction process, we help plan the project, watch the budget, and ensure that construction finishes on time.

Real Estate Brokers: We answer questions and consult with realtors. Also we talk with them and their clients about the condition, cost of renovation, repairs etc. of the prospective property.

Building Departments We help contractors and owners navigate Building Departments and State Agencies regarding permits, inspections, variances and violations. We have an excellent record for helping to resolve problems with the building department and/or eliminate or lower fines for our clients.


Consulting Services Available

• Assistance for homeowners
• Guidance during initial construction planning stages
• Researching zoning, variance and permit requirements
• Coordinating with architect, owner and builder
• Estimating and setting up a construction budget
• Making sure that architect’s plans are ready for submission to
building department and are within the client’s budget
• Consultation at the beginning of the building process
• Help with the process of obtaining building permits
• Negotiating with banks, suppliers, subcontractors and insurance
• Offering creative building solutions
• During the construction process
• Overseeing the entire job. For more information, see here
• Coordination between client, architects and contractors
• Setting up time schedules
• Answering questions at each stage of construction
• Inspecting in-progress work
• Approving payments to subcontractors and suppliers
• Assisting with materials purchases
• Help with passing final inspections and obtaining certificate of occupancy if necessary

“Martin has always been of great help to me. His inside knowledge about construction is second to none. Martin is fair and I totally trust him. He doesn’t take any shortcuts which are typical for the industry. I’m very handy myself and observe any kind of work that is done to my property. Anything that Martin did was top notch. Martin is still helping me remotely from far with his knowledge when I provide him with pictures.”

– Michael

Mediterranean mansion in Florida

More Consulting Options

• Inspecting property for prospective buyers
• Helping to negotiate and solve problems with existing contractors and subcontractors
• Dealing with homeowner’s associations
• Providing construction information to property owners, architects engineers, other contractors and subcontractors
• Serving as expert witness in construction cases
• Working in or out of court to help attorneys help their clients
• Remote Consultation using cameras, video and computer equipment to follow progress on-site and to conduct virtual meetings.
• Create consultation services tailored to your needs.


“On November 11, 2018, the unthinkable happened. The CAMP FIRE that destroyed Paradise, California, also burnt down our home in Butte Creek Canyon. This left us with many more questions than answers and we were about to experience something we never dreamed would happen to us. The one thing we were certain of, was that we would rebuild our house.

It was a great comfort when Martin Espinosa took us under his wing and helped us navigate a very tricky process. He helped us with the interactions with our insurance company and helped us to understand that extremely complicated process. He also helped advise us on what to look for in the debris removal process and what kind of contractor would be best to accomplish this task. When our plans were drawn, he reviewed them and pointed out some things of which to be aware. For instance, how high should the windows be from the floor? What type of view did we want out of these windows, and so on? These were all things that had not occurred to us but thanks to Mr. Espinosa’s expertise we were able to have plans drafted that met and exceeded our wildest expectations. He saved us money in the rebuilding process, but more importantly, he gave us the confidence to navigate the daunting road ahead of us. If one is looking for a construction consultant, I highly recommend Mr. Espinosa. His level of construction knowledge and years of experience in the construction field are unparalleled.”
– Mark L

“Martin, I have to say thanks! Looking for impact resistant windows in south Florida is like shopping for a new car: not fun. With your help I was able to say no thank you to ArmorVue, Lowes, ABC and Dads. I did say yes to the firm you recommended, Window Experts. Dan is a genuine human being who worked with me so I felt comfortable enough to part with some pretty big Bucks. We are getting new windows just in time for hurricane season. Hazzah! Thank you again, Martin”
Jay C

“In your lifetime of business you are always looking for people to partner with that will elevate you and compliment your abilities. Martin Espinosa is such a person. I met Martin over 25 years ago. His vast knowledge of all phases of construction made him a valuable resource. I was amazed at his quick ability to calculate a job as we simply talked. Through time we became friends and worked on many projects together. He has always been someone that I trust and call and expect to get the best result. If you need information, Martin knows it or can point you in the direction to find it. Thanks, Martin, for all the good years of service.”

Daniel G, Building Contractor

“Martin is an excellent contractor whom I have known since 2004. He has done million-dollar constructions for us in medical office space, custom home building, and remodeling. As a project manager he oversaw the construction of medical office space of 10,000 square feet to finish on time and within budget.”
Victor B MD

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