In the realm of consulting there are probably consultants for every industry. However, you might not be familiar with construction consulting for residential contractors or homeowners.

But, if you’re a contractor about to begin a home building project or are involved in your own home’s construction as a builder/owner, having a consultant can be a huge benefit. In fact, the services of a construction consultant can also be beneficial to architects, real estate agents, and even those who simply need some guidance in the construction field.

What Construction Consultants Do 

Contractor Consultant and builders engaging while looking at tablet deviceConstruction consulting services will vary somewhat from firm to firm, and from one consultant to another. 

Some specialize in large-scale construction projects or certain types of construction. Others focus on smaller building endeavors or work only with residential construction. Yet, they all share some basic service offerings.

A construction consultant is an experienced expert in the construction industry who can offer clients valuable advice and share expert knowledge that the client may lack.

Construction consultants work in various aspects of the building industry. These can include project management, contracts, architecture, analysis, and construction management. While performing some or all these tasks, a construction consultant typically provides clients with:

  • A clear description of the project and the scope of the consultant’s work
  • Advice and guidance for setting up the project
  • Assistance with developing and coordinating the project design

One “job description” for construction consultants states that,

“Construction consultants help clients make sound preparations for their upcoming projects and ensure that contractors complete the project on cost. They provide cost estimates, draw budgets, select contractors, administer construction contracts, and resolve differences between contractors and project owners.”

While these are, in fact, some of the functions that construction consultants provide, this is certainly not an exhaustive list.

Along with these services, construction consulting includes:

  • Coordinating with the architect, owner, and builder
  • Estimating and setting up a construction budget
  • Consulting at the start of the building process
  • Providing guidance during initial construction planning stages
  • Offering creative building solutions during the construction process
  • Answering questions at each stage of construction

In other words, an experienced, professional construction consultant can provide clients with comprehensive construction management advice and guidance. Reputable construction consultants have substantial engineering and construction experience.

This enables them to provide informed and cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, builders, and architects may confront during a construction project.

Consultants typically provide their expertise from the initial concept to a project’s completion. They work with clients to facilitate and coordinate the construction process and solve problems that come up or avoid them from happening.

Residential Construction Consulting

Consultants who specialize in residential construction can provide services for a variety of clients. These include attorneys, contractors, HOAs, owners/builders, homeowners, and even real estate agents.

And there are several related residential construction consulting services that can be had. These could include services such as inspecting property for prospective buyers, working with homeowner’s associations (HOAs), and helping negotiate solutions to problems with residential contractors and subcontractors.

In addition, a construction consultant can provide information to property owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors remotely, if need be.

Technology has advanced to such a degree that remote consulting can be accomplished by making use of digital cameras, video, and online meeting apps that allow parties to share or follow progress on-site or virtually, all in real time.

Most clients will not need the full and comprehensive scope of services that an experienced construction consultant might offer. However, a good consultant will work to tailor services to meet the specific needs of a client. In addition, this type of consulting service may only be needed at certain points during a construction project. 

Choosing a Quality Construction Consulting Firm

If you are a new home builder, or having your own home built for the first-time, construction consulting services can be valuable.

But how do you go about finding one?

One great method for finding a competent and trustworthy consultant is to talk with any friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, or other acquaintances you know that have worked with a construction consultant. Getting a firsthand testimonial and referral is invaluable.

However, you may not know anyone with that firsthand information. The next best method is to shop around and, once you’ve decided on a few firms, get at least three good references. In addition, it’s always a good idea to go and see the homes they worked on, if possible, or photos of the project.

Finally, verify that they are licensed, insured, and have no complaints against them. In California, the California Contractors State License Board is the state’s department that regulates contractors and is a good place to check.

Construction Advice and Guidance for Your Project

Whether you’re a contractor about to build a home, or a homeowner looking to build their own home or an addition, or simply remodel an area of their home, construction consulting can be a huge benefit. 

A construction consultant can help in all aspects of a project. This can be especially beneficial if you’re not already experienced in the project that you’re engaging in. As an experienced construction consultant, I can guide you in all the phases of your project and answer your questions.

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