Consulting is a diverse industry, covering different economic sectors. Its current value is approximately $250 billion. One of its branches is construction consultation that targets residential contractors and homeowners. Having a consultant when you’re about to begin a home building project is a huge benefit.

With an expert’s guidance, you’ll avoid making some costly mistakes that could ruin your project. A construction consultant’s services are also beneficial to architects, real estate agents, and anyone else looking for expert advice in the construction field.

The Role of Construction Consultants

Happy couple shaking hands with construction consultantManaging a construction project and the entire process can be overwhelming, especially for people doing it for the first time. A construction consultant comes in to help you through any problems that arise and the crucial decisions you need to make. However, the services they offer vary from one firm to another and from one expert to another.

Some consultants are specialists in large-scale construction projects. Others focus on smaller projects or residential construction only. Nevertheless, they all have some standard service offerings to help your project run smoothly. Therefore, it’s ideal to hire a consultant early enough in the planning stage of the project.

Construction Project Management

A construction consultant has the experience and knowledge that their clients lack. They can offer project management services to help you create a construction plan that conforms to your budget and workforce. The consultant can also point out problems as soon as they arise and offer solutions to improve quality control.

Risk Control and Management

In creating a construction plan, a consultant will help you check that everyone working on the project is safe and protected. A construction consultant is well versed with risk management and will let you know what you need to have in place to mitigate risk.

Negotiation with Project Stakeholders

A construction consultant is there to support you through the entire project. They will help you negotiate with other stakeholders, especially vendors. By negotiating the prices of materials, a consultant can help you save a great deal of money on construction costs. They are also the link between you and other contractors, giving you all the necessary support and management of every little detail. This takes the burden of the project off your shoulders.

In addition to the above services, a consultant will also work in various other aspects of the building industry. They handle contracts, analysis, and architecture. Besides, they also provide their clients with:

  • A detailed and precise description of the building project and the extent of the consultant’s involvement
  • Information and guidance for running the project
  • Expert advice on developing the plan and assistance with coordinating the project design
  • Answers to their questions at each stage of the construction
  • Creative building solutions
  • Coordination between the architect, builder, and owner

The job description for a consultant in the construction industry is diverse. One school of thought says that the work scope extends to helping clients make well-informed preparations for their projects.

A consultant also ensures that contractors finish their projects within timelines and budgets. They also:

  • Provide cost estimates
  • Select contractors
  • Draw budgets
  • Oversee construction contracts
  • Resolve conflicts between the project owners and contractors.

This list is not exhaustive, given the diverse nature of the construction industry.

A knowledgeable, and professional construction consultant provides clients with comprehensive advice and guidance. They also have adequate engineering and construction experience. This enables them to provide cost-effective and practical solutions. As such, project stakeholders can all have answers to their challenges during the project. Since consultants provide their services from the project’s concept to completion, the success rate is usually high.

Residential Construction Consulting

Residential construction consultants work with various clients. These include contractors, homeowners, attorneys, HOAs, and real estate agents. Their services include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspecting property on behalf of prospective buyers
  • Negotiating solutions with contractors and subcontractors for problems with residential buildings
  • Collaborating with homeowners’ associations
  • Providing any necessary information to engineers, architects, contractors, and subcontractors remotely

With the advancements in technology, remote consulting is now easy to accomplish. Through online meetings and video calls, parties can share the progress of the construction.  Most clients don’t require the full scope of services a consultant offers. A good consultant works to tailor their services to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

Choosing a Quality Construction Consultant

If you have a home construction project for the first time, a construction consultant’s services are invaluable. However, finding a reliable and experienced one that you can trust may be an uphill task. With the many firms that claim to be experts at what they do, it can be hard to make the best decision.

How do you go about finding one?

One reliable method is to ask for recommendations from friends, neighbors, and family. Supposing they have worked with a consultant before, you’ll hardly go wrong with the recommendations. They are likely to tell you the good and the bad of the specific consultant they refer you to.

If you can’t find any recommendations, the next best thing is to shop around. Online is always a good place to check, mostly the reviews of a consultant’s clients. Get at least three good references and compare their services and charges. If possible, always make a site visit to the projects they have worked on, or at least see photos of the projects.

Remember to verify if they’re licensed and insured. You may also check with the relevant construction authorities if any complaints have been leveled against the consultants.

Expert Construction Advice for Your Project

Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner getting started on a construction project, having a construction consultant by your side is essential. The expert is well-versed with all the crucial aspects of construction, including remodeling. Their services can come in handy if you don’t have much experience in construction.

If you need professional advice and guidance, we are here to help you in all the phases of your project. We will also attend to all your questions before, during, and after the project. To learn more, email us at or give us a call at  (707) 865-5157.

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